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Madness: Project Nexus, Episode 1.5!

2012-09-26 16:42:15 by The-Swain

It's time to learn what this Nexus business is all about.

I HIGHLY recommend playing in another browser other than Chrome for the time being. I thought Chrome was deleting data, but it's just can't see it when in Chrome. Your data should be perfectly intact once Google fixes their browser.. I wish I knew why, but this is out of my hands.

Anyway, good luck dying. This update is not for the weaker among you. Seriously, good luck! And thanks for being patient.

Madness: Project Nexus, Episode 1.5!


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2012-09-28 11:01:49 to the 3rd stage.....and the fucking abominations got me. Seriously you need to nerf those sons of bitches. Or atleast give them a fucking cool down when they can grab you like the zombies do. And just when I died that son of a bitch with the armor died too! So...fucking...un-fair....makes me wanna hack this game...even tho I know apsolutly nothing about hacking nor do I know how to do that...which makes me even more dissapointed.


2012-09-28 14:33:35

can i buy a laser cannon in arena? i got Auto9 with laser sight and normal but i never seen the laser cannon.

The-Swain responds:

With laser sight? KEEP THAT WEAPON. It's rare enough and pretty overpowered :X


2012-09-28 15:17:39

WOW!!! This version really forses you to use all what you have and even it can't guarantee the success! Great work, guys!


2012-09-28 16:15:38

Can I even get the Electro-cannon in arena mode?


2012-09-28 16:40:57

Hello Mr. The Swain,
I love the new madness update. Jesus has always been my favorite and his origin makes him even cooler. Those belted Obamanation chaps are ridiculously hard to kill but i enjoy the challenge. I wish the electro cannon was available for arena as well as science clothes and science weapons like beakers and such. A halo might also be a nice addition. There also remains all my points that are useless since reaching the highest level. I am currently a level 100 with nothing to show for it :( That being said, this is my favorite flash game ever. please continue to update so that me and those around me can continue to die in interesting ways.

The-Swain responds:

We are still testing the ECannon for arena mode. It will be added, but we want to balance it out a little. It's a great Tac-Bar killer.


2012-09-28 16:41:54

dude you need to kill the lag lower the amount of abomonations on screen dwon to three and make it EASY TO WIN! half the auidence is younger kids no ones gonna play if you make it too hard you are a terrible terrible programmer too! you never think to yourself "should i cut down on the bad guys" no you spam far too many on one screen and ruin the gameplay i hope you get cancer too the limit to baddies on screen should be 3! three is a good number

The-Swain responds:

Speaking of spam, bye. I'll sleep easily knowing your stupid life choices will lead you down a path of despair that only someone this simple could know.


2012-09-28 17:53:51

@pirate9899 Screw you.


2012-09-28 18:48:48

@weenie THINK! how many people have crappy computers since they can't afford a good one think how many people don't want to play the game since they can't finish story mode!


2012-09-28 19:12:24

@pirate9899 I understand that but you didn't have to go all like "you are a terrible programmer" and " i hope you get cancer ". That's just plain rude and unnecessasry. That's why I said "Screw you".


2012-09-28 19:45:57

if krinkles wanted the most he needed to do is ask i don't know somone whos made more than one game!

(Updated ) The-Swain responds:

I've made seven, not including this one. You really are young AND stupid, aren't you?


2012-09-28 20:02:31


no. you can only get auto9.


2012-09-28 21:16:59

:'( I already use firefox. everything about my computer is always up-to-date and there is no reason for the campaign to lag. but it does.


2012-09-28 21:22:19

I fucking hate this game now nuff said


2012-09-28 21:27:07

pirate9899@ Don't disrespect the programmer... he worked hard making this game with Krinkles! Atleast show some respect, they fix the problems, just wait, and quit being annoying, thanks.


2012-09-28 21:41:34

Is the zombie mode save bug fixed?


2012-09-28 21:49:30

Argh. We need the electro cannon.

Swain, please do us a favor and give us the electro cannon in arena mode.


2012-09-29 00:07:57

welp I beat episode 1.5 on normal, against my laptop being so shitty and laggy, I fucking did it, I kept trying so much and improving my plans and technique so much I almost did the last floor perfectly sort of, I died once 'cause I got mobbed by some zombies but after that, I didn't get one bit of damage, I also died 'cause of lag, fucking abominations, anyways I feel great for actually beating this on normal and on my shitty laptop, please just focus on helping ease the lag, I think that's what everyone wants for the moment reading through a few comments on here, but thanks again dude

The-Swain responds:

Can't wait til we've added in a few fixes to get the game running faster, hopefully when you play through again it will be an even better experience ;)


2012-09-29 02:30:36

swain out of all the epic people on NG i would of used you for comedy not programming


2012-09-29 04:03:38

You really need to nerf the Abominations. Because If one get's you you're done for It because when you break through he will keep on fucking you until you die. Seriously. Give them a bloody cooldown at least.

The-Swain responds:

Space to dodge. That is all i will say.


2012-09-29 04:33:44

KEYBOARD LAG: Keyboard gets HORRIBLY out of sync in Flash Player 10+. I had to downgrade to 9 to eliminate this. But also it did take away screen effects and maybe more. Sometimes bodies were disappearing in rooms. Anyway the lag is newer Flash Player's problem. It has some new and faulty keyboard buffer, that gets flooded when game gets intensive.

Upside down enemies. That was really wtf. They just flash between normal and upside down sometimes.

Weapon of of reach: When I try to grab a weapon in wall or something that I can't reach, character just walks into that wall indefinitely and I can only die to stop it.

When I kill zombie chewing someone, that person is being chewed indefinitely.

Abominations need to be kicked back when released from their grab like zombies. Now they just grab you again immediately, they can be hard, but this is impossible.

When I walk back in the room with Hofnarr a clone appears.

Christoff's avatar gets more damaged than the character itself, probably because of resurrection.

... Anyway, its a great addition, I like new levels. More fun, more challenge and not so typical.

The-Swain responds:

Did 9 really reduce the keyboard lag? Did it also reduce the general visual lag as well, but the keyboard stayed unaffected? I'd love to figure out more about why Flash has this issue, so I can code in steps to get around it.


2012-09-29 06:41:55

And there should be black outside cam everywhere. I play the game on standalone player and in fullscreen it looks ugly as I see things outside cam and not black stripes.

The-Swain responds:

Consider that your punishment for gazing beyond the looking glass.


2012-09-29 07:39:44

"Did 9 really reduce the keyboard lag? Did it also reduce the general visual lag as well, but the keyboard stayed unaffected?"

Yes it did. On Flash 10 the keyboard was out of sync and unplayable with 6+ baddies. Now I've playthrough it all on 9 without any keyboard lag. But some advanced visuals were missing. Bullettime effect, sometimes corpses. FPS was like in 10, goes down with bloodbath. It's graphics like original madness are made of a lot of vectors, in my opinion too much. Background is okay, but blood and characters and curves are not.


2012-09-29 08:05:44

Anything else about Mag Agent gestalit? I shot away at it's head, and it revealed a menacing, blood red skull that looks rather pissed. Why?


2012-09-29 09:10:47

And another thing: Mag agent Gestalit's suit appears to be torn. We need to learn more about it.


2012-09-29 09:21:39

When will this get though your thick skull??? the game is to hard most of the people can't even finish it on easy. either nerf the enemies (both abomination and riot guards) or add extra easy difficulty...


2012-09-29 10:41:39

Oh and you guys who are dying, just do your reading. Game hints are golden. I've not died since I've started using DODGE against abominations and depleting riot guard's tac-bars by meelees. Also you can shoot sleepwalkers to body to make them explode other enemies or to head to kill them fast. Also going back for left guns rewards.


2012-09-29 11:11:53

you think i don't know all that? already tried everything


2012-09-29 11:39:13

i love you

piniz :3


2012-09-29 13:08:43

you guys need to remember that you can also use magic, kills agents instantly and takes two hits to kill a riot guard

The-Swain responds:

Riot guards take only Nexus bolt, I think.


2012-09-29 14:31:10

So the E-cannon hasn't been added yet due to its effectiveness on enemy TAC bars? That's kind of the whole point isn't it? It's a BFG with a small amount of ammo that you only get to use once (maybe twice) in the story campaign. If you ask me, all you really need to do is lower its ammo count in arena mode, and give it a pretty steep price; it can even surpass the price of an M249 with an ACOG scope, because it's literally a weapon unlike any other.

The-Swain responds:

Tac-Bars are the reason later Arena waves get so difficult. Simply having a weapon that can neutralize all of that instantly stands to be a little potentially game-breaking. We'd like to make sure it's not, first.


2012-09-29 14:43:43

Trying to pass the story mode on normal, man Swain, when you said it was going to be challenging I never thought it would be this buttfucking, I swear I want to throw my laptop across the room, not because of lag, though.


2012-09-29 18:40:14

Please don't Weaken the E-cannon.


2012-09-29 21:37:24

instead of weakening the e-canon just add the ep 1.5 enemies in arena mode and make the riot cannon very expensive (About 3 times more expensive than the m-249)


2012-09-29 21:41:06

well, got back to the game :)
i think i can restart over again, as i did miss it dearly.
one word can describe this: and that is awesomeepicsweetintuitiveingeniousincrediblela ggyunimaginablelygreatfantastic10outof5starsma dnesscrazyomgrofllmaoviolentandwickedlyawesome
thank you


2012-09-30 00:42:18

oh yeah and did you guys make more stuff during the last three months other than this or is this it? (sorry if I'm sounding like a greedy asshole, but it seems like you could of made more in the last three months, maybe flash just made you its bitch, just like the rest of the world.)


2012-09-30 09:59:40

thank you VERY!! much for the good luck dying part swain it REALLY helped me in 1.5 -_-


2012-09-30 13:01:06

Thanks for the update. It's pretty hard. The Nexus bolt is one of the most useful attacks in the game IMO. IT 1HKOs Riot Guards & can hurt Phobes when he's got his sword. I find that on normal is harder than beating final Ep.1 mission with Deimos or Sanford on hard... I wish there was a medal for beating 1.5 on hard...


2012-09-30 13:15:33

How tough am I? I beat madess project Nexus!
Yeah so?
On hard mode.
Right, sorry to keep you waiting.


2012-09-30 14:37:08

I believe there is a bug in the main menu as it involves the button's around arena like the "begin hire buy squad" button's like if you stay in the arena a bit and click them then return to main menu and click where they would be then it will go back depending on which one you pick. but the big bug is when you click the begin or main menu parts of them, i lost my campaign data because as the result. i hope it can get fixed before other's notice it.


2012-09-30 16:04:42

Since when have you, Cheshre, Luis, and Krinkles been in the bar level?


2012-09-30 17:33:04

i know iv ask this a lot but i really want to know is it possible to add more rooms for arena or custom levels? it get kind of old fighting in the same room over and over again.


2012-10-01 02:47:22

I don't know what's changed since last I played, but the game is just completely unplayable now. Any time more than a few enemies enter a room, my character gets stuck trying to do the keys I pressed ages ago. Zombies basically kill me whenever they want, even on easy mode.

Too bad. It was a good game, but I just can't play it anymore because of the lag. RIP Project Nexus, wish I could have finished part 1.5.


2012-10-01 04:34:28

I feel the need to ask why all the scientist equipment isn't in Arena mode, all I can find is tha Auto9.

and I already know about the lack of the E-Cannon, but it's a shame that we don't get to use
the Scalpel, Broom, Test Tubes, Clipboard Etc.

Minor complain, but still a minor dissapointment, regardless of their weakness.


2012-10-01 05:55:33

I can easily say this is a very good, and solid update, however i will hope that in future episodes more madness lore is explained, atleast for me.


2012-10-01 08:48:56

Can I suggest a new system for Arena/Zombie Mode, that can make some of our lives easier? It's about those attachments.While some of them are easy to get to but for others it sems I'm getting them once in the blue moon.So what I suggest is, when you select a gun you bought from Armory, you will have an option of "adding" an attachment.However will need two things before you can add:Money and skill points.
Why skill points you may ask? Well because there is nothing much to do with them once you get past level 60.So at least with my idea, those skill points will have more use afterwards.For example, to add one attacment(Either the scoope or laser sight) you have to give up 5 skill points and the amount of money it usually costs for the gun with one attachment, which vary on each gun and it's type.Same happens when you add all attachments, except now you have to give up 10 points.Sure, that leaves supressors or silencers to which I can't think of solution but that's something that you can figure out, right? :)
To avoid getting the attachments to guns way to early, you unlock the ability AFTER level 60.And ONLY when you enough amount of spare points, so you wouldn't unlevel yourself.
That's it! I hope my idea will be taken on consideration at least and replied to.The game is still great.


2012-10-01 12:39:06

what!? I got Thompson with silencer!


2012-10-01 18:14:52

I suggest you give the Arena character Jesus powers.


2012-10-01 19:31:37

Madness: Project Nexus 1.55? LOL, I WANT TO UNRAVEL THE STORY OF MY ARENA CHARECTER XD!!! lol jk... Buuuut...

Love the update. Not much for arena, but hey, ALOT better then having to wait longer. Anyways, A job well done. Well done, indeed. :3

P.S: love how you said thanks for being patient when I'm pretty some people were raging it took so long XD.


2012-10-01 20:53:49

holy shit just like what happened to the swains next update before we know it BAM!! where gonna change swains news into a chat room :3


2012-10-01 20:54:32

if episode 2.0 comes out then where gonna change it to a chatroom to -_-