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Did some Blockhead. Made a lil' Mastermind. Co-created Madness: Project Nexus. Current working on MADNESS: Project Nexus for PC/MAX/Linux Also I love you.

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Looking forward to (t)it

Bahaha, not this time unfortunately :D I'd call this one mild by comparison.

It looks awesome! Can't wait. What's the progress on RV?

I stopped after doing most of the betweens. Still have to finish those, color, draw backgrounds, and lip synch.

i.e. the fun part is over :(

but what of the walking pair of boobies?

Probably out on a mission of the utmost secrecy!

I cannot wait! :D

How very suave, that leather really compliments his whiter then white complexion.

Haha. Can't wait dude!

Shame you're shelving RV, I was looking forward to it : (

It'll be back, it's just being put to the side until I can get this sucker done. RV has been like a year and a half in coming, so I'm not gonna give up on it just because a few weeks of animating has stressed me out ;)

ALSO, congrats on front page!

Jesus Swain! Just stick with one thing and finish it!
Just kidding. I've had the same porblem before. Although your alot more persistant. It usually only takes me about 2 or 3 weeks before i'm done with something for awhile.

You new Mastermind character almost looks vampirish. Coincidence?
But I look forward to the release of MM2 and RV.

Man I hate that, starting something then just...drifting off from it. It's such a bad feeling.

Anyway, Mastermind 1 was great. Pretty damn funny and the artwork was really good. Did you make that opening scene background entirely in flash?

Anyway, good luck with Mastermind 2. And Blockhead. And R.V. And that HIV thing, I know, I know, you were drunk, he was sexy, I know...it's okay.


lol, how did you know there was an AIDS joke in this one ;)

I cannot get my mind off this game whenever I see your Mastermind flicks.

<a href="http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41MNY4GJ3NL._AA280_.jpg">http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I /41MNY4GJ3NL._AA280_.jpg</a>

I dominated at that game <3

In fact, nearly the angriest I have ever gotten in my life was when I got to the last line trying to guess my cousin's combination (I never fail!!11) only to have him say "whoops, I got the white and black pegs confused!"

Sure i will watch it, keep up your good work.

fUCK YOU;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

&quot;Had to shelf Racist Vampires because it was entirely too much for me right now&quot;


That sucks :(

Haha, well it's not like I'm putting it aside to go on vacation. I'm trading a slow cartoon for a fast one <3 Then it's back to RV again.

I love ya man....NO HOMO...LOL

its gonna be badass, cant wait!

I'm really trying to bring the hammer down hard on the simplified comic book style, without losing too much Swain style. I rely on Jose-advice to keep me in balance :D

Finishing things is for losers. You should just never finish anything and then some day you might be as cool as me!

Agreed Tom! Which is why this response is going to be incomple

He reminds me of Shan Yu from Mulan. I'm excited. I was pumped for Racist Vampires, but I can wait if I have other things giving me my Swain fix.

RV has so much FBF for just a short dialogue piece that I'm starting to question whatever I was thinking when I planned it out this way. But Mastermind2 is already getting my cartoon juices flowing, in a totally non-sexual way. I'm gonna be ready to start it up again right after, I SWEAR IT!

Rv would never get me as excited as Mastermind 2.

This will be better than the first def. because of new characters.

Your twist on completely evil looking people doing queery actions has been done plenty of times, but yours was different in the way that they actually address it and start calling each other fags.

Also the pair of tits is always a nice touch.

RV is a character comedy (my stab at something like Voigt's Greasy Moose series, whose characters I love), while Mastermind is part character comedy and part parody of the whole bad guy genre. I'm not worried about Mastermind turning into, say, another Austin Powers kind of movie though.

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Lol, what now, a vagina with arms?
no, but seriously, I hope it's good.
Blockhead cameo?

I can't wait! I love Mastermind!

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