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Nice work me boy! The glistening coat and the way it bounces around the leg were a cool touch.

Like Krinkels said. Interesting take on tying Nexus in with Madness Combat :D

Kelzad responds:

Thanks a lot Swain! :) I hope to do more in the future

It buckles my belt to see you furthering the adventures of those two degenerate reprobates, Christopher. And it's only getting jucier.

-that ol' Swain

Sexual-Lobster responds:

cheers swain, and good luck on project nexus 2.

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Fact is,

I really miss you.



Incredible. And it's been a long time coming, too.

BRAVO. I plan to spend the weekend on this.


Evil-Dog responds:

Means a lot coming from you :)


Collecting pickups was almost an act of pure chance, because you have virtually no way of picking them up if you're hugging the right side to get distance between yourself and the enemies. And you're forced as far from them as possible because all of your ranged weapons, including the close range flamethrower, pass through enemies immediately next to you.

Needed a graphics overhaul, but it was neat for what it was.

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It makes me happy to hear the theme in different contexts. Devin and I talked a while back about using the little melody from the title screen in little snippets throughout many of the game's songs, but so far that hasn't happened and I gotta get back on his case about it. Thanks for the reminder! > : D

Well what do ya know

I dig the everloving shit out of this track, especially when the high and treble cut out near the end.


SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Hey Swain, glad ya liked it :D
Thanks for stoppin' by!

Very good

Great work, simple and effective. Moving, too. Thanks for this!


haywirehaywire responds:

thanks for the review my man

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Do not Blam this or I will END you. That's right. YOU. I'm talking to YOU.

You know I've always loved those masks. I still use the final concept sketch of the Blockhead mask as my forum avatar.

If you have a link to that Milburn photoshoot around anywhere, I'd love to see the results of it again. It's been a long time, and all the links I'd saved are dead.

sucho responds:

you're too kind. and while i dont have any of his finals either i do have some he sent me, i'll shoot you a pm w/ the links!

Stupid? Not likely. This is totally badass - would be very interested to see what it would look like if you revisited this concept today.

linda-mota responds:

I've entertained the thought for a long time, the only thing I'm worried about is providing a half assed product. Then again I absolutely loathe not finishing a story that i started. Someday..

edit: i found the old comic, i thought when drunkduck got a facelift it dissapeared.


Did some Blockhead. Made a lil' Mastermind. Co-created Madness: Project Nexus. Current working on MADNESS: Project Nexus 2 for PC/MAX/Linux Also I love you.

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