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Fact is,

I really miss you.



Incredible. And it's been a long time coming, too.

BRAVO. I plan to spend the weekend on this.


Evil-Dog responds:

Means a lot coming from you :)


Collecting pickups was almost an act of pure chance, because you have virtually no way of picking them up if you're hugging the right side to get distance between yourself and the enemies. And you're forced as far from them as possible because all of your ranged weapons, including the close range flamethrower, pass through enemies immediately next to you.

Needed a graphics overhaul, but it was neat for what it was.

Nice Time-Waster, Enjoyed

Had trouble "aiming" my character at certain enemies with the controls, especially the ones you have to hit from the back. Because you can only move side to side or diagonally, it's tough when your target is rotating in full 360 degrees. That aside, it was an amusing shooter type game.


A good run.

I only wish for more frequent checkpoints - otherwise, it had nearly the same exact feeling as the Impossible Quiz, where trial and error are your only weapons. It was funny but I didn't have the patience to make it past the first level (again, because more frequent checkpoints were needed, I thought).


EggysGames responds:

The famous swain :O well trial and error are basically the meaning of unfai hehe.



I don't care if this was a Rock Out game or not. Viking Panch is awesome.


Thought it deserved its Front Page.

Good mood, very Max Payne noir. I didn't care for much of the voice acting EXCEPT for the main character, which fit somehow.

My only suggestion is to have a skip feature in the intro cinema. Because you've got subtitles (I think I remember them there?), viewers might read more quickly than the narrator and thus be left twiddling their thumbs until the next screen change. At least a skip-to-next-line-of-monologue button would be glorious.

All in all, it set a good mood!


Johnnybdesign responds:

Thanks... I've heard good things about Max Payne. I have to try it someday. The screenshots look great!

Thanks again for the comments.

Swain Vouches: It's Authentic

This is a response to the previous review: Komix designed this game from scratch; I should know, because I created the sounds for it and gave them to him myself. He also happened to submit the game to sites other than Newgrounds. That he submitted it elsewhere before he did here means nothing.

Anyway, good work Komix, and congrats on the game popularity!

The future of physics games in Flash.

I've been keeping track of this game since Komix started developing it, and I am thrilled that the finished demo is finally here. Being able to swing from platform to platform without the aid of webs is once of the most fun parts of the game for me :D

If you gamers out there don't give this one a chance, then I will eat your face. It's worth it!


Sweet victory

I'm used to hearing the sounds at peak quality on my own machine, but I know it's not your fault that I reduced the quality for the episodes I've released. I thought it was pretty conclusive, although I see that Blockhead, who has a problem with answering questions, never really says "yes" or "no" that much, huh? Those are the bread and butter of most sound boards, it seems, and it took your flash to remind me of that.

Lemme know if you plan to expand the board in the future :D I might have a sound or two for you.


wizardman responds:

Indeed, Blockhead's not much of a yes or no guy. WEll, you at least seem to know your soundboards, so that's good. I probably will expand this board in the future. If there's enough episodes I'll contemplate making a second version, though I'm not sure if that'd bea good idea or not.
Hey, you just reviewing my flash makes me feel that this has been successful, so I'll take it.

Did some Blockhead. Made a lil' Mastermind. Co-created Madness: Project Nexus. I love you so much!

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