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Did some Blockhead. Made a lil' Mastermind. Co-created Madness: Project Nexus. Current working on MADNESS: Project Nexus for PC/MAX/Linux Also I love you.

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Just pledged more than £30.

...just because I love you guys :3

You're a don. Thank you :X :D

I got a designer pack. You gonna send me an email, as to what you need for a skin? I'd like to send something easy to port, if at all, so I might need a template at least.... I don't mind sub-contracting out a little work if it gets you and your team further down the line. I doubt this would work O_O http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/571250 Maybe you could mod Skincraft for the job, drop it in the NG Dump? Frantic times now, right? Keep plugging!

I really hope Mr. Ortiz can join you in this holy quest!

Right on dude, can't wait to see what you'd like to make for the game. When the campaign is over we're gonna give everyone who bought that tier a way to communicate directly with us so that no ones ideas aren't fully understood by Krinkels and I. Obviously we're available to chat any time before that, especially if you want to figure out what kind of game thingy you'd like included. We're pretty versatile.

For now, feel free to AIM/FB/PM any time me to get the process rolling.

Oh, and thanks for backing us - that number climbing makes this more and more real for me, Krinkels, and Jose every single hour that passes.

I'm so thrilled to see artists I loved watching here on Newgrounds expanding their repertoires, and taking on big new projects like this!

There are so many talented individuals on this site, capable of so much. It's an honor to back this game. Best of luck to you guys, I can't wait to see the finished game :)

Thank you, no one's more excited than we are to make this thing!

You guys are doing a fantastic job.

The biggest thing that makes me love this fandom isn't only because the series is ultra-cool or because it's members are so dedicated to the cause. No; the biggest thing is how awesome and dedicated you guys, the Madness Team, are. You've all sacrificed so much of your own time and used up so much effort to satisfy the fans. And that's really freaking cool.

As for the kickstarter, I'll chip in a small 20 to the cause. Unfortunately, as a 16-year old teen in a small neighborhood, there aren't exactly a wide variety of job options to choose from and my funds are strictly limited. But hopefully, even this small difference will be worth something in the end.

Thank you guys so much for putting in your blood, sweat, and tears into this project. I will always be a Madness fan for all the dedication you put into this series, and make my own content as well to tribute. :)

Keep on striving.


I loved reading that, Spirit. Thank you.

I have to admit, even if somehow the Kickstarter were to fall short of the goal by the final day, I'm just so shocked and amazed by the way the Madness community has stepped up in the last 24 hours. You and everyone beside you, standing next to us as we make this game, are really a new source of inspiration for me. It's incredible, and when it's all over I know there won't ever be anything like it.

support'en yah all the way Swain

Thanks dude. I'm the right horse for the job.

Can this game be on Steam and newgrounds , plz.

I just bought our license to post to Steam Greenlight. Very shortly I'm putting the link up on the Kickstarter! :D

Lol at the penicorn plush on your shelf.

Anyway, I'm so glad to see you and Krinkels creating this game. I've been a long-time fan of both of your works and I'm definitely excited for this game. Unfortunately I can't support any money at this time, but I'll be supporting you guys in spirit.

Glad someone noticed the lil guy.

Another way to help is on Steam Greenlight (link now provided above), where we're trying to get our game noticed by Valve. Every vote helps to guarantee that!

Man - you, Krinkels and Cheshyre need to link up the kickstarter on your profile page :D

We have :) :)

Well, not Chesh though. The man is an enigma and a ghost.

When can we expect to be give access to the beta? And will the beta work on the Mac?

Beta and full game will work fine on Mac. I want to try to release at least some playable features (simplified Arena for combat testing) by sometime January.

I'm going to get the $15 dollar donation very soon. Also is it going to be on Steam? Because that would be amazing.

We're working on that now - if you haven't voted for it yet, head over to our Steam Greenlight page (link above) and throw us your support. Every vote brings us closer to Valve seeing our submission and letting us onto Steam!

Donated 10 bucks, voted on Greenlight, shared kickstarter campaign on russian gaming site, that writes about new kickstarter projects. My duty is fulfilled!

It truly is. Thank you for your service to the cause, my friend

Someone already pledged $2500 or more. DAMN, I wish I could donate that much, and speaking of donating, I figure I will too.

Thx dood :)

So I've donated $15 so how are you going to send us the activation code for the DRM free copy and the website to redeem it on? And will it be updated automatically or will I have to download different versions of the game? Also when will we gain access to the beta/full game?

When the game is done, or when we're ready for you guys to help beta test, Kickstarter gives us a form we can use to contact all appropriate backers. You'll get your key there, or be told where to retrieve it.

We want a playable demo for combat testing by January, so that's probably where we'll start.

Hi again, I got like some money to support the project. (Actully right now is just $1.00) but the problem I want to paid with PayPal but Kickstart don't support Paypal? There anyway else I could do it while using Paypal? I don't want use any of my credit card.

We'll open up a Paypal to help push the Stretch Goals even farther once the campaign is over, worry not

I love madness forever: D I'm very happy to come out madness project nexus 2 I can not wait'll donate 75 dollars plus shipping're trying to put together with a friend to do this and if we do the donate since the 75 dollars brings two copies game then try to do that so that we both have the game my friend and I love madness always admire whenever you post something we never read but never going to stop me like madness

with much love <3 your biggest fan

Good bye greetings to all I admire greatly admire and always <3

I hope folks know we're RAVENOUS to get back to full work on this game once this Kickstarter finishes. :O

Thanks for the help buddy boy!

Also another thing, will the game be able to run smoothly on my computer (it's a 2002 windows XP home edition lol)? I'm pretty sure a similar question was asked at some point, but it was a little different.

Best of luck to your project.

Chasing and realizing dreams is a uniqe experience. Make yourself proud.

- SIncerely, Noffish.