Did some Blockhead. Made a lil' Mastermind. Co-created Madness: Project Nexus. I love you so much!

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dat pink hank i remember where i was young.

Oh god, the memories.

I have been hit by the feels train...

Don't worry Hank, we'll pull through for you!

Not to be too pessimistic here, I am positive we'll reach the base game but I'm rather sad there's no way we'll reach A.A.H.W MODE and the Expanded Zed Mode, was rea;;y hoping to play as a zombie, not enough games like that, least good ones anyways.

Nether the less I hope this project turns out well for everyone and I'll do my best to get my god damned paycheck to get here before this closes.

I really hope you guys are gonna make it,but you guys should've advertised a bit more before you started it. At first i really thought you guys were not gonna make it.

So glad that the new skin is a Heather throwback. Lmao. That made my morning.

Time for enlightenment, son!

Is Dad going to make any appearance in Nexus 2?

Hah well, I think that's more for players to do in Arena Mode with their own characters than having a cameo appearance.

Once again hopefully this game will get base funded in the next 5 days

also are you guys gonna include the chicken dance genesis madness music in the game

If anyone has contributed before either of the exclusive skins were announced, will they still get both skins?


Three minutes ago, we just hit the goal.

Congratulations man! All that nail bitting was worth it!

Congratulations on hitting 56k, hopefully the Thunderclap will make you guys hit some stretch goals.

But darn, now I am actually going to get billed.

Actually, they said they still need a bit more money before they hit the goal since the last 4k was from fraudulent pledges.

What would you do if you fell a bit short on the goal? Like 59,500 dollars for example?
Fraud or not, the goal from the KS would be reached, and there's always donations from PayPal or Parteon.
I understand 4 thousand dollars is a lot of money, but what about one thousand, or even less than that?
I still am quite sure you'll reach the 60k goal, though.

Oh, and by the way, from my recent replay of Project Nexus I noticed that enemies with high Tac-Bar and low HP are very frustrating to fight, especially in high numbers. AAHW, at least, puts quantity over quality, and in Christoff's story fighting dozens of Riot Guards was a bit out-of-place for a Madness Combat game.

The only enemies this potent in the series, outside of the Main Cast were possesed ATP Agents. Ideally, something between twitch based gameplay of Madness Interactive, and Madness feel and carnage of Project Nexus 1 would be ideal.

So what is the actual legitimate amount of money you guys have been backed for?

Current amount minus 4k dollorz.
That would mean we're down to ~800$. Make it happen ppl.

Never mind I was totally wrong, this totally has a chnace of getting improved ZED mode, gonna be able to donate in about 10 hours, thank you guys :D

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