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Hi Guys! It's ya old boy Swain

Posted by The-Swain - July 9th, 2018

Man oh man, have I ever been a bad Newgrounds boy. Most of y'all haven't seen much of me in a while. Even more of you probably forgot about those long gone Mastermind and Blockhead days.

It's mostly been because of a heck of a lot of development on Project Nexus 2, our sequel to...you guessed it...Madness: Project Nexus, somehow one of Newgrounds' most popular Flash games. Don't ask me how that happened. But Krinkels and I have been developing the sequel for going on FIVE FREAKING YEARS now, and we're nearly at the end of production :O

So before I start to go onto this big PR push to get the game out there, I thought I'd instead sort of share how to keep tabs on me. Most days I'm posting to twitter from my personal account. It's mostly cooking photos, but I throw in an occasional PN2 screenshot to keep people on their toes. I'll also make an effort at being more frequent on here, but I AM a compulsive liar so WHO KNOWS.

Catch you kids soon with updates and news! I miss EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU





The game looks awesome Swain. Can't wait to play it

sharing this with peeps in my crew looking forward to seeing this launch Goodluck.

sure hope to see a secret blockhead character

I've cried every night awaiting your return. Please don't leave us again.

I've cried every night as well, for totally unrelated reasons

Dude we’ll never forget blockhead


boi it's lookin great

Do we get a shark tank?

An actual, REAL Mastermind game at some point, at the very least!

Hey old boy Swain, I can't wait for PN2 to totally blow it's load all up in my steeze. Keep up the goodness my dude.

well.... atleast you're honest... thought this game would've been out 2 - 3 years ago or somethin Lolol

Legit blockhead was the first thing I ever reviewed on NG. Back when I was like ten years old lmao. You’re a legend bro and can’t wait for the game! You and Krinkels are the 2pac and biggie of NG

you're making another blockhead when this is done, right? ;)

Madness: Project Nexus Forever would be a more appropriate name

OMG after all these years finnaly I have made a New grounds account I always wanted to know what where you get your ideas I love the Mastermind game its so mutch fun and specialy the ending also the Hilarius mini episodes on youtube does are my favorite.

Oh look at that. I was convinced you died in 2012. No updates to newgrounds, and TheSwain.com disappeared off the internet. I was thinking of your absence as symbolic of the downfall of newgrounds from its days of greatness, and was even thinking you picked a good time to die, for you are but a being of blinding lumination and they are not worthy of your otherworldly greatness. But here you are partying like it's 2018. In 2018. Party on, dude. Party on.

Damn Swain your blockhead character it's so fantastic and your Swain character Just so handsome like you!! I will support you anything if you want!!

I know I'm about a year too late, but I just want to remind you that I still occasionally rewatch the old mastermind videos, and he was one of my favorite NG characters to ever emerge. I went on to quote at least one of those videos for the rest of my life "WHO IS SAYING BALLS?" "You can thank them for blowing up finland with YOU in it." "I guess we're, FINNISH'd here! "

I dunno how you feel about your older work these days, I'm sure some stuff didn't age as well, but I think i'll have good memories of that one until I'm an old man. I also remember playing World conqueror to completion whenever that released. Kudos for actually making an RTS way back then.

Anyway, I can't think of much else to say right now, I miss the old days like always, never knew what you'd see on NG, and always looked forward to surprises like creators like yourself. Now the internet's kind of a basic bitch and we're all part of it. I'll keep remembering the best of times

What happened to the game? Was MPN2 canceled and now? Is Steam Madness Project Nexus the MPN2?

mr.swain how do you get on dev mode on project nexus

Came back to watch Mastermind again, and I find out you have been busy.
Welcome back, man!

Whatever happened to Mastermind with the Mastermind? It seems to just be... gone

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