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Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

Posted by The-Swain - April 3rd, 2008

Anyone watch that (the BBC one, not the garbage American bastardized conversion)? I'm watching it now, and am completely obsessed with it. Good God, tell me I'm not alone.

And if you haven't done so yet, go watch Mastermind 3. It's the last time you're going to see me recycle those backgrounds, so go make use of them while you can. /PLUG

Oh, last question. What would you look for in a game based on the Mastermind series itself? Not a board game themed around the series like the one I've already done, but an actual game where you play the Mastermind? I've got my basics down but I'm looking for themes or general interest that can help me turn this thing in the direction the fans want. AM I NOT MERCIFUL.


stop bumping me down!

You're selfishly using the front page to take users away from Newgrounds and direct them to your own site...wait...

wow... someone is retarted... hope that that gets deleted.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Mastermind 3, its a nice break from Blockhead. Hope to see more of your work soon :D

The kid's been doing it all day on a new (alt) account, he'll get his, worry not.

It's Channel 4, silly fool.

You're right actually, but I won't change my post. It would make my mistake look like yours :( Kind a like "WTF R U TALKIN BOUT HE GOT IT RITE THE 1ST TYME"

I watch Kitchen Nightmares on Food Network. To be honest I'm not sure if it is the "American bastardized converserion" one you mentioned though.

Still good though, I enjoy it. I also enjoyed Mastermind 3, good laughs.

As for game ideas, taking over the world ftw. Why not some sort of "build, equip, command, and conquor with your army" type of deal, taking over country after country. I don't know, I'm not sure exactly what you're wanting D:

Yeah I've only caught episodes online (I'm such a pirate) so I only know them by their labels, don't know where they are aired apparently as wonchop pointed out.

I think a Henchmen management game would be kinda sweet, where you have to manage them doing various evil tasks...

Also, it's my understanding you met my friend, Tomamoto. I apologize.

A game with multicolored pegs that fit into a four-peg wide line?

If I was making a Mastermind game, I wouldn't actually center the gameplay around the Mastermind main character. Instead, I would make the game center around a minion who is constantly being ordered around the entire time... someone who can be insulted on failure and ridiculed when successful. This maintains the role of the Mastermind character while managing to keep him tethered to his desk with his superiority complex.

One scenario this could work with is a character running down a hallway, while monitors of the Mastermind character appearing every few feet to deliver instruction.


You know, that Sims-esque concept actually really appeals to me. The thing is I doubt my ability to hold it together...look at what happened to the Blockhead game :( I was hoping for some kind of meshing of base defense with base simulation, but your idea to focus on the minion(s) is actually a really good eye-opener for me. I currently have the role Minions play to be more like currency than characters (expendable units required almost like a cost for actions), but I think I can make them incredibly individual after they've been assigned to their tasks.

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares? No. I've seen MM3, beautiful job =). And for a game idea? How about a superhero/superzero trying to take down the mastermind in a button mash game? Add a whole bunch of junk, costume change, colors, masks, names, superpowers,maybe some weird voices too! Along with minibosses and the MM as the final, with some weird twist of a plot at the end? Good? Bad? Would like to know :3.

lol, sounds like a Mastermind dressup. How long til we see that happen I wonder?

Hm... A Mastermind game?

I can sorta picture a game based around one of the Mastermind's minions being ordered around, like jmtb02 said. It could have a top-down view similar to Blockhead: the Game, only maybe using the Arrow Keys. The concept could be that he's trying to find loopholes to the Mastermind's orders, or perhaps do what he says and then have the game progress to where he finally escapes.
It could have all the missions for a level layed out at the beginning, and then at the end, a cutscene leading to the next chapter.

You should get Komix to program it again. He owned at that on the BH game, and you've probably seen Tri-achnid. Brilliant game.

Also, Mastermind 3 was genius. I smile every time I hear: "Why would anyone NOT want to blow up Paris?" I have nothing against Paris, but it's still a very, very funny line =)

I helped test Triachnid as he was making it, because he was working on it simultaneously while doing Blockhead with me and had nothing to do while waiting for my slow, slow graphics additions.

Anyway, that's another cool development. A game that is opposite the Blockhead game: you play the minion, trying to survive your Mastermind rather than the other way around.

you know me and some friends were talking about your mastermind 3 video and we loved the part where he goes "YOU EXECUTE HIM AND YOU EXECUTE HIM" lol its our favorite part but anyways, my friends and i are making a prank movie trailer video and we want to use a similar idea thats basically in the same performance but morals tell me that i should get the approval of the man that came up with the brilliant idea (first class kiss up lol) no but seriously, whatcha think?

I don't watch it alot, but from the BBC Kitchen Nightmares it seems better and more entertaining than our American Versions.

A game based on Mastermind? It's gotta be a "take over the world" style game, like an RTS, or maybe a sim. You could use outlandish doomsday devices to blow up anyone who stands in your way, even fight off superheroes who want to take you down. One thing though, whatever you do, you gotta have the option to drop someone in the shark tank!

That's sorta what I had in mind - defense regulated by how well you strategically run your base and accomplish missions. And of course, a variety of ways to execute the unworthy.

ducks : (

naah really. well i would love if you made a game like... you knwo... ever played any age of empires? kinda like that but with the mastermind soldiers n stuff.

and it would not have to be a game that never ends it could be like... mission completed "mastermind status 7"

and you would have to beat the other "masterminds" of the world.

but dude dont you do that yet! i want racist vampires!

If you like Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares you should watch Hell's Kitchen on fox... It might sound korny at first but is actually probably one of the better reality shows out there... And who doesn't like seeing Chef Ramsay get pissed beyond belief?

Oh and for your game idea... It could work... But it could equally be a complete flop all the same... It all really just depends on what type of game it is whether or not it would work... Maybe a RTS type game??? Not exactly how complicated they are to make but just a suggestion...

after reading my own comment i realized i wasnt clear with my statement (happens to me a lot)....

what i mean is that you can control large groups of minions both individually or in group, and assign them different tasks. you know... like... like some kind of pikmins!

You should insert an occasional mini-game, where a minion misbehaves and you have to whoop him back into shape, by calling him into the head-office and giving him a sardonic verbal beatdown... you could do the same when a hero invades your base and manages to get into the head office, as some kind of last possible defense... hm... thats my thoughts for now, but I bet I'll have more later...

P.S.: Oh yes you are merciful, we do not deserve your mercy! *worships*


Man, I'm just too tired after night-shifts, I write everything that comes to my head...

ACTION GAME: Make the mastermind the boss. Have him insult you while you fight him and his minions. Maybe he could be a giant floating head...with...a....beard....

Inevitably the Mastermind would make a teriffic villain, no doubt :D I'll have to do something about establishing the good guys first before I force players to use them.

I love both versions. I prefer the American one though because it's always fun watching a foul mouthed British chef yelling at fat disorganised American ones.

yh im english and i sure do watch it , lol

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