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Posted by The-Swain - October 24th, 2007

Blockhead will be celebrating Ghostmas tomorrow...WILL YOU?!

The cartoon runs about 3 minutes long, and yet I still managed to take three weeks to animate it. I can never figure out where exactly I am losing all this time, but I desperately miss the days when I could release 3 cartoons in a month. Granted, the quality of said cartoons was despicable. NEVERTHELESS, why does quality have to be my ultimate goal? What ever happened to just trying to entertain?

I think I really need to step up my goal of simplified character anatomy to include backgrounds and motion as well. It's the only way a one-man animation super squad like myself is ever gonna get back on track with frequent cartoon releases. What do YOU do to limit yourself, or to keep things simple but effective? Anyone got any tips for the Swain?

Oh, and does anyone recognize the background in the picture?



Yay Ghostmas...:D

Hoo boy, i guess we know what tommorrows daily feature is gunna be :D
Can't wait!

We'll see...Adam Phillips is still waiting to drop the Waterlollies Bomb on us ;)

I have no tips for you, Swain. It takes me 4 months to open up flash, move an arm, and then close it again. I am Procrastitron 7000. Blegh, I'll finish saying what I was going to say later.

I can't wait for this short tomorrow. It is going to be stellar.

Haha, I'm afraid Ingus isn't as animated as I had hoped, for that very reason. I waited to long to do it, and now I'm so burnt out (and pressed for my deadline) that he's just gonna have to blink and stare at his booth. He probably wasn't going to sell many raw eggs anyway.

Is the background from Detective Grimoire (<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/386799">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /386799</a>)?

Only one of a few to make it into the cartoon. The grounds are so crowded with people that at times all you can see are tents, trees, and heads upon heads.

Well, remember quality over quantity.


i think its good that you care about the quality of your movies. its fun to watch you get better and better at flash. you are doing a great job with blockhead.

omg omg omg!!!! woo hoo!!!

ghostmas wooooo!

lookin good, I think once you are at a level of detail you are happy with, you will begin to get faster and faster at that level, and everything will be peaches and cream

And then artists like yourself come around with a new release and remind me that the standard I have set for myself just ain't high enough :D

I need to explore more one-shot projects like I did on Pico Day. I learned a hell of a lot just by separating myself from what I know. Maybe I should try working with other people's characters for once...I'm willing to bet you learned a few things even by working with a few of the simple characters that made it into NGR.

Lookin forward to it, ghostmas is my favourate holiday :P

Mine too

ghostmas ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay ghostmas and dude i live in orlando to and i just noticed u did

If you ever see me drinking downtown, it's acceptable to place beers in front of me.

Oh man, I can't wait to see this.
I can, by looking at the screen shot, say its going to be awesome.

About your little problem.

I think you improved ALLOT when you compare your current movies, with Blockhead #1.

And I'd say, I really enjoy watching the new style / twist you gave to your animations.

Even though you don't release the same amount of animations, I for instance would love to wait, just a little tad longer, for one of your awesome and clearly improved animations.
Waiting for your animations is WELL worth it.
So I don't think you have to worry about "not releasing as much as you did"
For I think its worth to wait.

But if you insist on releasing more, with a somewhat same quality, I suggest you put some other hobby's aside.

I'm just glad your releasing awesome movies.
And I don't mind to wait 3 weeks more, or less.

Good luck on further anims, and I hope to see this animation tomorow.

One of the difficult points for me is when I have to look at the same project over and over for a month. It just makes me regret having started it. In the end, I'm doing this for myself as well as everyone else, so while I'm not afraid of upping the quality of my work, I think I'd be a happier camper if I were working on more, shorter projects. Problem is, I can't tell much of a story in under three minutes. :(

Kick ass.

can't wait for another ghostmas I especially love those ones. Hope you make another timesquad.

i wish i could say but im stuck in the same way, i get destracted with things all the time and i am always struggling to keep my flash creation going but i always overcomplicate things whenever i have an idea, not to mention i never have that much time with them because my friends come over and i cant work when people are watching

all i can say is set yourself to do a certain amount a day and try to complete it and of you dont just make up for it

the backgrounds that place with the cans from detective grimoire :D and ghostmas is gonna be SWEET! but if its a few days before halloween, how come theres other people there o_0 the mind boggles, and 3 weeks for 3 miunutes isnt that bad, i cant even get 2 minutes done in 3 weeks T-T but thats because of school and homework, SAT's year T-T

once upon a time, in winterlands of snow, there was a little town, of 50 folks or so but monsters were around, a million years ago but they were not afraid, 'cus they all had ghostmas day! on every other day they never made a sound, when the singing birds when quiet and the sun went down, scary bats and pirates (<- wtf) came up from the ground, but they told them 'go away and dont come back its ghostmas day!' never wait a moment when you share your love, beneath the sparkly shiney stars alight above, but what you feel inside is, not just love per say, 'cus everyone is one on ghostmas day! so give a little gift to everyone you know, and if you have a pumpkin they might like that too, although you may scare them, they wont go away, because we all, love on ghostmas daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaay!

now explain to me swain, how long did it take to come up with that song

(also im pretty bored xD)

YAY! new blockhead episode :D

Lmao ghostmas. Well, i look forward to see it when you submit it tomorrow. Honestly, i like the quantitative releases even when the qualiy is low. But, it wont hurt having SOME quality in em right? xP What i think is that only for special occasions, you should work xtra hard on em than you do nowadays on standard episodes (which is your present problem atm because you complain about not making frequent releases). Well anyways, good luck on your future expectations!

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