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Posted by The-Swain - November 1st, 2007

New cartoon, Mastermind. Go get your protection point <3

I don't care that it's different than my normal approach, so long as it keeps you entertained. I had this idea while putting the finishing touches on my first Racist Vampires demo script, which I pray to God I can complete this month.

Hope you guys had a swell Ghostmas. Today begins the maximum possible number of days I have to wait until I have to make another Blockhead Halloween cartoon, so I couldn't be happier :D

Below, the Mastermind delivers his sinister victory speech to his minions.



Hey i just went on your site the moment it got updated...yeah...i feel...special!

haha. i laughed. very hard. lol. nice.

**Spoiler Warning**

At first I thought her tits where so huge it just covered the rest of her body. So, tits with legs... I don't know. I liked it, but I hope you don't constantly rely on horny Newgrounders' appeal for sexual material like a certain angsty squirrel series has. Either way, it's nice to see you straying from the Blockhead series and making up some new stuff.


I don't find anything attractive about disembodied breasts :(

I've also got two years of clean subject matter experience under my belt, so I don't know if I can be accused of relying on sexual material. I hope I've shown I can live up to that standard :)

Saw it at your site.Awesome.Tits with legs number xD Where do you get this insane ideas?

Keep it up ;)

great job, you should do more shorts like this.

slapping you all those times in the face with my massive dick paid off, as it was able to provide you some inspiration

yes my shlong is truly magical


Very well done.

i watched and it twas good, but the tits with legs, i don't know about that, but it was funny. I am glad you are giving Block head a rest, i think you need more ideas for it, it kinda is repetative from 9-Ghostmas special, but good job with it.

I've just started making flash and am using more and more layers, in a cartoon that I'm making right now I have just passed the 40 layer mark (and they're are sorted into neat loving folders :D). Each flash of mine, as it gets more complicated, gets more layers.

But I was wondering, in your flash (which I consider to be professional, what with the detail etc), about how many layers do you have in them?

I use some twenty layers in Blockhead. In Mastermind I didn't use more than 10. All of that includes like 3 or 4 audio layers.

Good stuff. Funny stuff. Excellent contrast to the style of Blockhead, this one kinda reminded me of Johnny Utah's stuff.
Also, was curious, who did what voice?

This is the reason I don't have henchmen or number 2s...

haha nice to see you pull up some good-ass newgrounds classicals! i have no effing idea what i just said but fuck it! I LOVE SUGAR!!!!! you are an a-r-t-i-s-t! i love your haaaaaaaand! its all like "i can draw a million birds!" and then it just blows up!
POWELWOW! i can see... a mastermind! and it is youuuu!!!!!11<3
woooooow i need some sleepsorxz!
btw your voice is awesome! <3 KAPLOW!

that was so cool.also i watched from a perspective of someone not knowing you made it so i gave it a true 5!

you are a amazing. this is the animation and comedy standerd that i have come to expect from someone as talented as yourself. =)

Very, very weird.

replying to u RWA!

i turn into blockhead when im drunk or sugar high, so thats where he gets it lol but awsome vidz The-Swain

lets roast a live chicken! lol

This movie is rated Mild Nudity!


Mild Nudity? Got it?!


The new #2 reminds me of a girl I used to go to school with. I dare not say that in the review, as my Girlfriend reads them.

God bless you, Sophie C <3

Anyway, that aside, although this was a break from your normal sort of thing, you never know, this could be the start of something a la Time Squad for Blockhead again ;)

Uh oh, that's the name my girlfriend goes by when she doesn't want people to know her last name. Maybe there's less coincidence here than meets the eye. :(

Darn you, I say! Darn you!

Indestruct2 Tank was already beating me out for the weekly, but there was always the possibility its score would lower.
Now here's another animation already higher rated than mine.
And who knows what else might come in the next week?


I'm pretty sure Adam Phillips will be walking away with weekly 1st this time anyway. No one should have their own hopes high when that dude is about to release a cartoon :D

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