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Racist Vampires

Posted by The-Swain - November 11th, 2007

Every now and then I make a new one of these weird things. And yea, I still intend to animate this cartoon some day in the near future.

I think this is one of those "figure it out yourself" strips.

Also, the RV icon looks like a metroid. SORRY

Racist Vampires


is any of the animation done for this yet? it looks interesting.

its nice to take a break from a series. no matter how popular. after 10 episodes, it help to explore new things

A lot of people don't realize that Blockhead itself is, for me, just a practice cartoon. I don't want to give it up because it continues to teach me new things about entertainment, but you're right to believe that trying something else will teach me more. Mixing it up, and keeping me on my toes, will pay off by really pushing me to try new things and working to get them right.

love ya stuff...

probably the only thing on newgrounds that makes me cry laughing at my computer (with a bemused look from my lass)

oh and Racist vampires? o_O

how are they racist? :P

That'll be revealed in the first episode :D

Lol.. that's awesome :P

If you would animate these characters it could either turn out really creepy or really hilarious.. or both ^_^

I'd probably watch it..

P.S. Mind your voice actors.. I still can't get over the fact that that henchman (the upset one) was a blend between the conscience and blockhead, voice like. It was like I was torn from the story and faced with a transformation of blockhead (especially since the guy was really quite stupid and all)

Anyway, succes :)

Some people don't seem to be able to catch inflection hints in certain voices. I agree that the minion character was just a Blockhead/Conscience blend, although that's not what I intended when I recorded it, but some folks don't hear it at all. Then again, I don't even hear my own voice in the characters I record anymore, so I suppose that's a good sign. Or not.

As for my RV voice actors, I'll only be playing one character, and an infrequent one at that. The voice of JJ (the guy holding the baby here) is going to be Andy Dennis, the guy who helps Will Arbuckle with some of his cartoons, such as Cuboy. Ryder, the one with the glass and the corkscrew, is to be voiced by my pal Lloyd, who did the voice of Peter Steele for me in my Ghostmas cartoon.

Lawl freaky. Haha. Lookin good.

Ah I get it. Blockhead is practice so when you get this here done it'll turn out well but Blockhead surprisingly became popular so you continue to make it to A) Entertain poeples and B) Continue practicing.
Pretty smart actually. I kind of just jumped into making what I wanted without any practice like the dumb hick I am. :P
Anyway nice character design. Looks pretty cool. I look forward to the future of it. :)

haha, you know, if Tom hadn't found Blockhead when he did, it's likely I would have dropped the series and moved on. For the longest time he was my only fan, but I suppose if I had to pick one fan, it doesn't hurt to have Mister Newgrounds on my side. :D

As for me, it's been two years since I picked up Flash. I still haven't started the project that brought me to Newgrounds to begin with. I often wonder if I will ever have the stomach to get to it at last.

How are they racist?
┬ČThat'll be revealed in the first episode :D


Disturbing... But in a good way.

Haha. Awesome.

But do you ever take a break?

Hmm, not sure what to make of this... I'm guessing there's something very funny and very wrong going on here, I just can't put my finger on it :D
The art's very nice, I like the black and white. And red. Nothing new color-wise, but it's a shift away from the art style in Blockhead, and it looks awesome. Can't wait for the first episode to come out !

Corkscrew, dead baby, bloodbath...you decide :D


Vampires give me the creeps. Not the whole mythical vampire gig, but the real ones. You know what I'm talking about, those crazys that think they real vampires and get off by drinking blood and what not. I actually dated a girl that turned out to be one... So yeah. Creepy.

Haha, this looks so awesome. Really, just fantastic in every respect. I can't wait at all. It's cool and good that Blockhead had Tom as a fan, because I loved it from day one too. I actually know a guy who is kinda like blockhead, so it's neat to see that come together.

Also, if you ever need another voice actor to jump in for a random bit, I'd love to drop an audition clip your way!

Who told you that quality is the most important thing in the movies you make, blockhead is supposed to be goofy not realistic right.Don`t get powerstruck please.

The word "quality" only appears once in your post on this page (until now), so I don't remember saying that.

im a vampire, i dont drink blood but im really pale and have fangs o_O can i be in it :D

how do you make that those characters have this awesome white outline on them?

Hm. Dead babies. That never offended anybody.


There is absolutely no chance that this series will get me in trouble. None. Especially not with a title like Racist Vampires, eh?

Actually my mother constantly yells at me about the title of the series. I have to explain to her that the word "racist" is not itself racist. PEOPLE.

wow that looks awesome :D

are they racist to black people or to humans? cus if its black people i will hate you >:( if its just all humans in general then thats fine xD

lol no, not to black people. Though in Episode 0 (the prequel) they do raise the question of why all the vampires they know are white.

They just hate all humans, and also other 'breeds' of vampires.

I think the fact that that image makes me laugh is probably a bad thing.

I think if you laugh without getting it, then it's a bad thing ;)

Damn I'm just wondering how does it feel to get into the top 50 two times in the same month (Actually you've done it multiple times BH6 And TS1 ....TS2 AND TS3,ECT. Well enjoy your fame

Nothing ever really stays in the top 50 for long after the weekly awards. My only cartoon that consistently stays on Top 50 is Blockhead 10, but only for a little bit before it goes off and then back on again.

hehe pretty funny

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