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Racist Vampires (cont.)

Posted by The-Swain - January 4th, 2008

UPDATE: My site is back up - Ani-Comic and RV Preview links work again!

And still I work. I keep having these 'simple' ideas that get drawn out way longer than they were supposed to. I wanted to make a short, 2-minute segment worth a couple of laughs...but try watching/listening to that same segment over and over for a month while you work on it. It goes stale pretty quickly, and saps your motivation. And by 'your', I mean 'my'.

I took a break over the holidays, so it's not fair to say that I've been working on Racist Vampires for all of December. Getting back to it now is tough though, because I see just how much I left for myself to do. There are around 8 camera angles in the same scene, with a lot of character motion during the dialogue. That's something I'm already used to with Blockhead, who lacks real eyes and thus has no other genuine way of physically expressing himself but to wave his arms around and dance about the scene. Now I'm animating full-body characters with a full range of demeanors beyond "excited" or "crazed".

I'm halfway tempted to shelf the cartoon for a few days and work on Mastermind 2.

Oh, and if you're bored, I made a Blockhead Ani-Comic in December. It's kind of like a short comic strip with sound attached. I dunno, it was an experiment.

Anyway, below is a shot of Nat and Percy. If you wanna see the first demo shot I put together of JJ expressing himself with his arms, click here. I SAID DO IT MAGGOT

Racist Vampires (cont.)


awesome... i really liked ur "anicomic"! Tongs!

well i hope its as good as your other flashes. i will be looking foward to it

Cool but WHO ARE YOU.

dont u rember at comicon sandego when we met?? u said wed keep in tuch but u wernt lookin at me

Damn that demo was good

I also can't wait to find out why or rather how their racist, love the graphical style to it too!

any hoo I'm off to try the comic now

They're not really racist, but they try to figure out who would make the 'perfect vampire'. Hilarity ensues, etc.

Don't worry, just don't rush it and be proud of it.

anicomic = awesome. you could probably stop animating blockhead altogether and just do those full time.

lol, that's the nice way of saying "STOP MAKING BLOCKHEAD CARTOONS, HOMO"

I could certainly do one of those a day if I absolutely had to. I stole the background texture idea from Luis, which saves time on drawing all that pesky background art.

The animation looks good

You're certainly improving quite a bit. At least, I think so.

looking good swain racism and vampirism truly are more than the sum of their parts


And here I was thinking racism was shallow, when it was truly deep all along!

I think I'm the only animator that doesn't storyboard. ]:

Bahaha, well if you don't live up to your user handle, then who will? :D

You tend to make very detailed human characters. I could see how thats more time-consuming than animating Blockhead.

Nice art, what tablet do you use?

Intuos3 6x8, the only way to fly.

i like blockhead and i know im gonna like this ALOT :D

It's more mature than Blockhead, but not quite as profane as Mastermind :O

Mastermind 2? Awesome, can't wait.

I can't wait :<

are those things on his face sunglasses?

No sunglasses on any of my characters worth mentioning. They're kinda like...anti-vampires.

awsome anything you make has got to be good.

Your site is down right now =(
I can't watch the ani-comic again

You can, just not yet :D I'm getting that straightened out.

Dang, the site of yours is down now so I cant check the Ani-Comic of yours now.

And Mastermind 2? Sweet! Cant wait to see that being released, and same with the Racist Vampirers.

I've got a couple of afterthought gags that came after Mastermind that I thought might make for a decent sequel. Never really intended to make a series out of it, but once I've gotten started it's hard to stop.

it looks good great characters

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