Madness: Nexus Project [UPDATE]

2012-02-09 21:27:33 by The-Swain

Don't worry guys, it's comin'. Krinkels and I haven't had a day off this month since we decided to doubletime the project. Today is the last day of features programming. I want to give you guys a rundown of the main game features so you know why we've gone a bit over deadline (we DO expect to be finished within a week latest).

x) Our main goal here is to have a fun game which simulates a true Madness experience, just like watching the cartoons! Matt is a Nazi about his guns, so expect every game weapon to match its real world counterpart right down to the last spring.
x) The game will be EPISODIC. That is to say, it will be released with a single world's worth of stages, and we'll get straight to work on the next set. In a perfect world, we would have a new set of stages for you guys every month. Maybe more often than that.
x) In Episode 1 you'll mostly be kicking ass as Sanford and Deimos. Hank and a few other characters will be making appearances throughout the series, too.
x) Along with episode updates, you'll have new game modes to dick around with as well. We're including an Arena wave mode on launch, with plans for an RPG mode (Dead Rising style) and CTF Paintball down the line.

So there ya go! In the meantime, here is Hank blowing a guy's head off from behind cover, and Blockhead Episode 1 translated into German:


Con: Wirst du wieder wie ein Idiot dasitzen und den Fernseher anstarren?
BH: Das Programm ist langweilig.
Con: Das wird daran liegen, dass es ausgeschaltet ist. Du wohnst hier schon 15(fünfzehn) Jahre und hast dir nie Kabelfernsehen gekauft.
BH: Bring es zum Laufen!
Con: Ich komm gleich drauf zurück. Wie wäre es wenn DU das Telefon DA nimmst?
BH: Hallo?
Con: Nein, lass das, Dummer.
Con: Nein, nicht.... nimm das Telefon!
BH: Hallo?
Con: Toll! Ok, siehst du die Nummer da beim Telefon. Wähl sie. Das ist die Kabelfernsehgesellschaft.
Con: Also?
BH: Es ist für dich.
Con: Es ist niemand dran, du Spinner. Jetzt wähl die Nummer.
BH: Welche Nummer?
Con: Alle, in der Reihenfolge in der sie dastehen. Nicht rückwärst, nicht auf den Kopf gestellt. Wähl die Nummer!
BH: Weeeee!
Con: Wähl sie. Wähl die Nummer! Verstanden? Wähl die Nummer, Dummer! Wähl die Nummer, Dummer! Wähl die Nummer, Dummer!
Con: Wähl sie! Warum kannst du sie nicht einfach wählen? Worauf wartest du? Wähl sie!
BH: Ohhhh!
Con: Gott!
Con: Warum hast du aufgelegt?
BH: Sie waren nicht da. Ich hab den Anrufbeantworter erwischt.
Con: Das war eine automatische Maschine, die den Kunden hilft ihren Anschluss zu aktivieren. Warum hast du aufgelegt?
Con: Nein tue das nicht, das ist nur dumm.
Con: Schau wer an der Tür ist, wenn du fertig bist.
Ende / Schluss

Madness: Nexus Project [UPDATE]


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2012-02-09 21:44:43

I can verify the contents of this user post


2012-02-09 22:35:26

I can verify I read the same thing at swain's.


2012-02-09 22:39:51

\/ Yeah, at Krinkels, actually. The top part. Yeah. What? No NG content lost on your end? Some people lost a little of everything in the redesign, usually ones with older accounts.


2012-02-09 23:15:58

Du ... Du Hast. Can't wait man.


2012-02-09 23:17:33

TL; DR trollololololol

The-Swain responds:

Now do it in German, you slag.


2012-02-09 23:24:13

I like this.


2012-02-09 23:38:16

I like the gold gun in the corner: Will the player character be able to pick up weapons?

The-Swain responds:

Every goddamn one. So far we're not having any lag issues with so many of them lying on the screen..fingers crossed!


2012-02-10 00:14:58

Golly gee fucking dicks this looks great.


2012-02-10 02:08:29

S'been a long time since we caught up, hope you're well. B)


2012-02-10 02:48:06

episodic? monthly updates? GERMAN STYLE?!!?
how can this get any better bist?


2012-02-10 03:10:08

Sweet, can't wait.

There better be a Blockhead reference in there though.

The-Swain responds:

I was just playing him in testing, we're figuring out if he'll appear in the background somewhere. All his colors are kosher: Red and Yellow are obviously in Madness, and blue appears in the lightning and on Tricky's pre-zombie facepaint.


2012-02-10 10:17:59

Whats with the red button(?) on top of the door? what is that what you shoot to open it or something?

The-Swain responds:

Red means locked, green means unlocked.


2012-02-10 12:00:09

Red glasses are full of crap.
I bought one pair and it was absolutely terrible experience.


2012-02-10 12:00:25

D-D-D-Double headshot!


2012-02-10 13:56:39

haha itsa good thing i know german xD


2012-02-10 14:41:55

I hope that this game is interactive and Madness.


2012-02-10 17:29:30

i hope this game become the ULTIMATE MADNESS EXPERIENCE!!!!. Good luck with the project


2012-02-10 21:46:03

This will make front page for sure!


2012-02-11 12:23:40

What guns will there be? :)


2012-02-11 16:38:36

what do you mean with LAS DAY OF FEATURES PROGRAMMING?


2012-02-11 19:35:44

Yay! a game with the protagonist's from Madness! and I hope there will be a co-op feature with Sanford and Diemos cause that's my idea! :D


2012-02-12 01:17:10

this game would make my life if you made multiplayer...

The-Swain responds:

Down the line were're anticipating doing a faux-multiplayer, like Spore. It'd be more like shared content - you train up a team (only so much XP per day) and battle them vs other Newgrounders' teams, gaining points and all sorts of bonuses for your characters.

We want to perfect the engine first, so we're not ready to get started on that JUST yet.


2012-02-12 02:08:41

Hey Swain is the game going to be a 2.5 sidescroller? Or like a time crisis like game where the Character Moves by itself and you shoot with your mouse?
Or you will add both in seperate episodes i think.

The-Swain responds:

The only thing like Time Crisis that appears in this game is a sort of "Aimed Shot" enemies do, where most bullets may whiz past you but the enemy's red-flashing shots will hit you if you don't dodge. Otherwise you have full control over your guy in real time (or Slow Mo if you've been saving up that bullet time)


2012-02-12 12:14:13

man i cannot sleep..


2012-02-12 15:51:28

weren't you working on some game with johnnyutah? what happened to that?


2012-02-12 19:14:20

A fun game which simulates the Madness Experience? You mean enemies will be piss-easy to kill and come in large numbers? Cause that's what I look for in a MC game.

The-Swain responds:

Wait til you fight a Mag unit, or one of the brand new Krinkels-approved monstrosities that appear in this game!


2012-02-12 23:08:57

That looks really cool! Can't wait until it's out.


2012-02-13 06:24:28

Thanks though, but One more question. Do you Know Proxicide?
He is the guy who make games and movies like: Madness Deus Ex Machina & Tankmen Incursion?
You will most likely know him by the title of his famous series called Street Fighters Vs Mortal Kombat!
It would be epic If you could COLLABORATE WITH HIM!!!!


2012-02-14 07:04:28

Can't wait for it to come out on the 9th! ......Oh wait..


2012-02-14 16:06:07

Awesome! können nicht darauf warten! btw I can read all of that! lol xD


2012-02-15 13:12:53

Patiently waiting...


2012-02-15 13:40:50

IMPatiently waiting...for the past 5 days

(Updated ) The-Swain responds:

I wish I could wait for the game to come out. Instead I have to work 14 hour days on it.


2012-02-17 15:06:47

thank you very much for putting your time into this for us!


2012-02-17 15:18:38

:C Atleast you aint bored.


2012-02-17 15:46:40

Woah i feel bad for being so impatient now.

The-Swain responds:

Every day is another passed in indentured servitude to this project. When it's out, you'll know for sure where all the time went. We're paying attention to all the little mistakes from MInteractive so that this game can be stand-alone and PERFECT.


2012-02-18 01:01:27

i wonder, will the melee system be similar to the original Madness Interactive, with the player wildly swinging the mouse in order to bludgeon/slice an enemy by hitting them hard with the gun/knife/axe/bat/nightstick.


2012-02-18 05:41:51

Madness Interactive would be perfect for what it was if the enemies didn't aim better than Hunk himself, cursor leaving the screen way too many times, characters using only one hand etc.

I'm really glad you're not rushing this project, it already looks great on screensm and if it plays as good as it looks it will be the best flash game in a while. I could even buy a retail copy if it combined all of the episodes you mention and some bonuses.

The-Swain responds:

We're adding a Tactics Level (Tac-Bar) system to characters advanced beyond a certain point, giving them a sort of abuse-proof legit character shield (your guy's rambo-like ability to not get shot). Things like facing away from your enemy or standing still will drain this bar quickly, while taking cover and dodging/blocking will help you out significantly. So far in testing it's made the game VERY fair versus enemies of varying difficulties, so no more one-shot kills.

Though, beware the Chaingun...


2012-02-18 16:12:11

is this going to be distributed free?

The-Swain responds:

Of course, right here on Newgrounds.


2012-02-18 21:00:33



2012-02-19 03:31:02

Wow i`m amazed.
I hope there will be cheats:D to pass the hard levels, anyways i see here is some awesome graphics nice blood some new weapons.
But i don`t understand why you translated it to German?
All they say it is launch launch launch it reminds me MasterMind.
So good luck on your game and most awesome idea was Dead rising it will kick ass:D
Can`t wait to see it. Or i can?


2012-02-19 19:49:18



2012-02-19 21:43:39



2012-02-19 22:24:16

Hmm... Will this game possibly be open source, like Interactive was?

(Updated ) The-Swain responds:

Probably not - my coding style is a jumbled mess. But we'll be taking surveys on desired game modes and additions, so hopefully the game never gets boring for lack of new material.


2012-02-19 22:29:07

is there (or will there be) a downloadable version? im just sick of my mouse going off the screen unless i zoom in on it perfectly in MI1.

The-Swain responds:

The controls and gameplay for this game are almost entirely different. You control your crosshair rather than your hand.


2012-02-24 17:18:04

when is the outburst ass holes??!!


2012-02-24 17:19:26

Is like RPG? or ROL? ...........MAKE A CHARACTER! >:D


2012-02-24 17:19:27

Is like RPG? or ROL? ...........MAKE A CHARACTER! >:D


2012-02-24 17:23:33



2012-02-24 17:23:36



2012-02-26 07:50:26

Is it a possibility that this would be able to get put on Xbox Live Arcade?