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Pass-My-Flash 2! WATCH'UM

Posted by The-Swain - March 5th, 2008

Pass-My-Flash 2 - It's a dangerous world out there, so make sure you watch it before you accidentally die or something.

I was a last-minute addition to the project, barely even an afterthought when one of the other artists bailed, but being the unquestionably awesome friend that I am, I spat in Luis's face and then said "Yeah ok sure I'm in," when he asked.

And because this is MY post, I get to mention that my part is the finale to the project. Everyone else got to enjoy seeing how the artist who followed them could recover from the strange situation they'd left the animation at, but not I...my task was to bring it back together with some kind of conclusion. Easier said than done with only 8 seconds to work with. BELOW IS A SCREENSHOT OF MA BOY LOLOLOLOLl

Didn't see the first Pass-My-Flash? I wasn't a participant (actually I threw something together for the project but it was left on the cutting room floor), but you can check it out here for background on the project series: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Pass-My-Flash 2! WATCH'UM


This one was better as the previous, your part was pretty awesome. Also congrats on mastermind the game! Keep up your good work and then i will be happy!
{first post xP}

FUCK FUCK FUCK! I wish I'd browse the flash forums more often so I would spot these things!

Cruel, man. Cruel. After quite a bit of labor I bring my collab to a close and then you guys submit this a few minutes after. Ouch. I'm hurt.

Really great job on your part. Once again, I'm envious of your abilities.

If this were a contest then your collab would be winning. Wait a minute this IS a contest!

If you wanna blame anyone, blame Luis, he's the submitter :D

I'm going to check out yours now, I haven't started opening up new toons today yet so yours shall be the very first.

Dude, you're so much better than egoraptor.

Haha, looks great, will go watch it NOW

Reminds me of the time trial days. Excellent conclusion piece! I must return to animating eventually, before I let everyone get TOO much better than me : (

wens teh next ecsape game comin outt

You sure have been pumping a lot of stuff out recently.

Your part was both hilarious and well animated. Bravo, man - you're probably the sole reason why I voted 5. :)

You're becoming a machine! I mean - under 3 years of animating, and suddenly you can concoct a masterpiece with little effort. It would probably take me 2 months, maybe even more, to do something like your part.

Yet again, well done. That was great. :)

"Watch and learn" is the name of the game, just constantly compare your work to that of the animators you most enjoy, and ask yourself why they can do something better than you can. Then you practice until you can do it too. You know you've made progress when you look back and see that you have nothing left to learn...although I still have a ways to go there.

awwww, i wanted to be in it, but after Luis went out on a trip or something i never saw the collab again...

I loved the way you wrapped it up Mike. I was sort of disappointed that Coaly just dropped the intestine in my part right on the grass, even though it was underground falling in a crevice, but oh well it was still good.

Really enjoyed doing this.

Nice. Great work dude!

Awesome job dude, I almost pissed myself at the ending. I'd love to see more stuff like this from you. Pass my Flash 3...Eh eh?

life is like a hurricane
here in

Something about race cars and aero-planes.

I'm still convinced the theme was sung by Kenny Loggins. I SWEAR IT MUST BE TRUE.

If the ending of Pass-My-Flash 2 was made by ANYONE else besides you, it would not have been nearly as good. You finished it off perfectly =)

great work on this collab.. excellent work on your part swain, you really went nuts with the angles and perspective.

once I read the heads up yesterday, that it was being submitted today in the pass my flash thread, I waited all day to watch it!

and I wasn't disappointed .

After Mastermind, I couldn't let myself get away with any more tweening for a while :D And I really feel invigorated after that, I'm dying to get back to some good ol' FBF so I can try out some other ideas I have. I've never been brave enough to try dramatic angles until now, when I was only at risk of ruining Luis's project instead of my own (haha), but that's where confidence comes from eh?

I'm glad these PMF collabs are being well-received, I really look forward to the next one if Luis'll have me!

Your bit was the best part of the whole thing. I guess my opinion is a bit biased since I also think that your Blockhead series is the best series on newgrounds and quite possibly the best cartoon character ever.

We'll see about that...I am writing Episode 11 now and I'm having trouble with him now :D Let's hope I don't ruin itttttttttt

swain i love your art style, youre great with expressions :D

nice one, your part stood out for me. very good!

I like mastermind better.

why josh is all emo now? i like his flashes


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