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Project Nexus 2, Kickstarter, and...YOU!

Posted by The-Swain - September 9th, 2014

Check out Krinkels' post. He's 'splains a good deal of why we need to make a big push, RIGHT NOW, TODAY, on our Project Nexus 2 Kickstarter campaign.

You can preorder your copy of Project Nexus 2 by backing the Kickstarter, and get alpha/beta/early access to the game. This is exclusive to backers only - everyone else will be waiting until mid 2015 to touch the game ;)

More than anything, the project needs your support! We're going strong, but we need the momentum that only fans of Krinkels' ass-kicking cartoon series can provide.




is there any way for those of us who don't wanna sign up to kick-starter to donate or pledge?

There will be after the campaign, for right now pushing the Kickstarter is our #1 goal


should probably actually work on promoting to people so you can at least get the minimum goal

funded now and not keep working on the bonus goals

Is that Sheriff?

: O

Morbid thought but is IndieGoGo a potential place to go in the future?

We might just run one right after this Kickstarter if its successful.

i miss blockhead

Me too... :(

I will try the best to help you..

#598 at your service.

We're making progress!

Whip up a toon, then add some gameplay action towards the end, a little music, classic end credit page with links... then submit it to NG YT DARKNET LL, whatever, ASAP. Fans/subscribers will watch a pitch, not read about it, they need the hype! Get your half-time show out there, pronto! I can't up my stake much...


You can sign in using your facebook account in Kickstarter.


I also like your idea VicariousE, though it look like they have to really hurry with deadline coming close D:

Madness is my teen years, I HAVE to help you.
$50 is yours, #600 out.

And we'll make it worth it in return. Much obliged for the support, friend.

I thought sheriff ended like Jebus.
why would you bring him back then?

All shall be revealed.

I hope after this Project, Krinkels will made some new Movies for the Madness Series.

He's been itching to animate again.

At the moment I can only back $15, but it's almost certain that I'll upgrade later.

Good luck guys! I really, really hope to see this project finished.

You have time to answer these? What are you doing right now?

Is there a way to extend the time for the kick-starter? If so please do. Also couldn't you get a part time job and donate some money from that to help get it funded faster?

So what will happen if the goal isn't met? Will you just hope you get enough monies from steam sales?

Also, another question came to mind. I don't wanna say this, but at this point, the possibility that you don't reach the higher stretch goals is kinda getting real (although, with Kickstarter, anything can happen, so we can still hope). Say we don't reach, for example, the multiplayer goal (just a totally random one, and not at all the one I really wanted to see implemented xD). Will you perhaps still be able to add it, but just "later"? That might be a solution, since the money you're gonna get from the Steam sales is probably gonna be, like, I don't know, a shit ton?

Once again, I wish you luck! :)