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Project Nexus 2 - Thunder Clap, and Kickstarter Exclusive Rewards

Posted by The-Swain - September 12th, 2014


So many of you have jump up to help Project Nexus 2 become a real thing that it blows my mind. Whatever happens with this Kickstarter, we want to reward those who have helped us so far with some sweet Red + Black Jesus armor variants.

The only ones getting this unique outfit set are our current backers, and anyone who pre-orders from the Kickstarter before Friday comes to an end. To those of you already on board: you're already getting every Backer Reward Bonus we come up with before the end of the campaign, so just sit back, relax, and watch the goodies come flowing in.


In OTHER NEWS, we've launched our Thunderclap! This is neat new way for people to help us get the word out about Project Nexus 2. Three days before the end of the campaign, everyone on board will automatically post a link to the Kickstarter page automatically and EXPLODE the Madness name across the web. This is just the kind of mega push we need to get noticed right when it's most important. Click here to lend us your help!




hahaha i did today's morning

You successfully got me to make a Kickstarter account and give you some of my money, well done and I really hope you succeed and get all of the monies.

We hope so to - can't wait to show off what tomorrow's zany backer reward bonus is gonna be :D

yay, hats, give me hats

hats > clothes

Madness plushies! I'd love to hang a little gray pawn from my rear view mirror.

A question came to mind. I don't wanna say this, but at this point, the possibility that you don't reach the higher stretch goals is kinda getting real (although, with Kickstarter, anything can happen, so we can still hope). Say we don't reach, for example, the multiplayer goal (just a totally random one, and not at all the one I really wanted to see implemented xD). Will you perhaps still be able to add it, but just "later"? That might be a solution, since the money you're gonna get from the Steam sales is probably gonna be, like, I don't know, a shit ton?

I'm a bit disappoint with his eyes glowing faint red. They're supposed to be bright red lights, like in the movie, and widely open. You're inhibiting Jebus' beauty!

I gotta say, 86,822 people in Thunderclap is a lot, lets just say number of backers will BLOW UP

Fuck yeah the game may be able to come be funded get mind chamber and even some of the small reach goal game modes

man, I used to kinda look down on the idea of a 3d madness thing when announced, it kinda reminded me of the horrible3d metal slug thing, but the demos looks really thight, nad stil bringing the core of it, it's really impressive, I hope to see this as a concluded project soon, good luck !

200$ DesignPack is gettin sold out

you guys are awsome and i really hope this project works i already started to share the link on alot of sites and with a little luck it may very well become a huge succes. IM WITH YOU GUYS

Someone just pledged 10K

1 week and 10k needed... soooo close