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Project Nexus 2 - LAST DAY on Kickstarter

Posted by The-Swain - September 23rd, 2014

How time has flown. And with it, our expectations for what this community can do when they band together have been proven right.

Y'all totally came through for us. We knew you would, and here we are, at the finish line with a game ready to be made. Matt and myself, we are ravenous to get back to work. And it seems like it's actually gonna happen.

So now we come to the final hours. They're ticking down to Z-Day. If you haven't backed the project yet, here's your chance. Send your friends, who may have been holding off. Let the world know we're all counting on them.

Catch you guys in Nevada...maybe sooner than you think.



No problem dude :D Were always here to help and support. I knew we'll make it because the Madness never DIES!!

It wouldn't have happened without such a killer team and project to support. Congrats guys.

Well done guys :) Some guy (or guys) withdrew about a 10 grand from the Kickstarter, I am fairly sure you had easily reached the A.A.H.W mode goal line.

You have no idea how much that irritates me. Not only do we not get the extra gamemode, the team don't the money they deserve!

Personally i was hoping it would reach atleast the expanded Zed Mode mark. And If I were a multimillionaire I would quickly and easily donated about a million.

It was a fake backer. That money was never ours to have, and we believe they were trying to falsely inflate the campaign without our permission. It took us three days to finally get them removed. What you see now is our ACTUAL total, and we're thrilled that we cleared our base goal. But we've still got time!

Update: Read the comments to find out what happened. It turns out some morons (I would use stronger words) had made some fake accounts and make fake donations to it.

I'm glad that even though I didn't back it still is backed but you guys just got expanded Zed mode then some fuckers pulled out enough to go below even the A.A.H.W. mode which is just sad that that happened right when you guys were on the verge but at least you guys have accuumulated the base funds for this game

We never had that money, it was $18K in fake pledges that I managed to get taken down. Now what we see is the clean, true statistic for what we're getting :)

Looks like Kickstarter just cleaned the fake donations. So......only 63k bucks left? Darn.

It's what we estimated. Keep in mind: if all other backers are honest, then we've long since hit our goal :)

Disappointed Improved Zed Mode didn't make it, but I still tossed mine in so I'm not gonna back out my cash because some dipsh*ts decided to try and bone up the joint, but I'm glad the goal was reached, here's hoping we reach A.A.H.W., cheers <3

Not everyone is as dedicated as you nor i <3

Here's hoping some kind souls will donate more so we can get A.A.H.W. mode but even if we don't reach that goal, it's all good since we still got Story, Arena and Zed Survival mode to play with. :)

There HAS to be a way to make AAHW mode come true?!? D: no no no.... :C i was really looking forward to that. What if you guys started another campaign just for the perks, or release it in the eventual future? It has so much potential and it's only $3000 so i don't think it would be so far off in the future, not impossible, right? Right? Lol anyways always been a big fan of both Krinkels and you, the work you guys make is amazing, and I donated some so I'll be sure to get my hands bloody with this game. I only wonder when it comes out. :)

Congratulations on making your Kickstarter! :D I look forward to seeing what comes of this! :D

The fact that we haven't reached certain stretch goals means we can bid them adieu, or you'll just need more time and donations/sells to release them?
I hate to ask for more when a lot of work is before you guys, but those promises are so awesome.
What was the last stretch goal?

If the funding is several dollars short of the base goal, would you produce the A.A.H.W. Mode?

I know you guys got another ace up your sleeves. All the stretch goals were just something to get us motivated into donating, I bet some or all of them you'll end up adding anyway beacuse as always, you guys rock!

Congrats on getting funded! Glad it happened despite the meddling of some jerks.

Congrats you made it though without no new shit mode crap :3

We did it! The project is funded!

wow we did it i shared it alot of times on my facebook twiter and tumbler page but i guess it wasent in vain but damn only 63k .... well at least it was a succes happy to help you guys in need xD good luck

Will you be able to get the other goals Like AAHW, Zed and multiplayer when you start getting sales?

Congrats man!

Sorry we were never able to get the King Kersnuffle game out, we haven't had any time for anything besides our own game these past few weeks. Congratulations all the same, you guys deserved it!

Way to go! I'm so happy for you and your dev team!

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