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Madness: Project Nexus 2 - Kickstarter LIVE!

Posted by The-Swain - August 24th, 2014


The Kickstarter campaign is on!

Newgrounds is the original home of Krinkels and myself. No matter where we go, we will always have fond memories of this place and do what we can to participate and help where needed.

Now we need YOU.

Visit the link below to check out our pitch, and tell us if this project appeals to you! On top of funding, we need to know the minds of fans of realtime battle games and Madness in general in order to make the perfect game that our cash goal promises.


Thanks for waiting us out, folks. We are ravenous to make this game.

[UPDATE] We're on Greenlight! Give us a vote if you think Project Nexus 2 deserves to reach a higher audience - every single vote is another that we need, and we need yours!


Comments (37)

Shouldn't have made the countdown on Krinkels page then, but whatever. Do what you have to.

You want me to...post as Krinkels...??

I supported by pledging 10$, and I can't wait for the game to come out!

Thanks dude, got your early release of the game booked!

Wish i could donate,but i'm only 16. :|

Still,this could break all the records if this game gets made,and i wish you guys all the best!

-A Madness Combat supporter since 2009.

We're going to offer rewards to anyone who shares the game on Facebook and Twitter as well, stay tuned!

Backed ya! Love you guys, can't wait for this.

Thanks my man.

It's up already, I thought it were gonna take days. I misunderstood, BIG TIME!
You will have a donation from me.

No problem friend, I wasn't clear on what you were asking but I follow now. Thanks for your support - now that our campaign is going, we can get back to producing CONTENT!

Floating you $200 dollars tomorrow. I hope the spot's still open then. :D

If it goes super fast, we're considering opening a new reward that allows you to design something else in the game...but we don't wanna reveal what yet :3

backed bro

Thanks for the support, my man

I've followed the madness series for years so it is only natural that I wish you the best of luck.

We're finna need it

Good luck with the Kickstarter, you'll smash that $56k goal in no time!

We're gonna work through this whole next month with the expectation that we're gonna make it! I truly hope that we do. We reeeeeeally want to get right to work on this game!

Got yo back backed. Good luck guys! Hope this is a huge success!

Thanks dude, I caught your pledge as it happened, it warmed the cockles of my Swain heart :3

So how much money do you need to add Jose to the team? I'm really pumped to see what he can do.

I'm sorry if this was explicitly written out, but I couldn't find it.

No that's very astute of you, we didn't have a specific monetary amount. We expect at least the first Stretch Goal will get a good bunch of his work in the game, since we'll have the money to give him work so I can focus more on creating more game modes and features.

So what is the game going to be released through? Steam? :)

I'm finishing the paperwork on Steam Greenlight now!

I wish I could donate,but Kickstarter doesn't want paper money...
Do you accept TF2 keys? XD

I'm up to my gills in TF2! :O

Hi, I notice one of your reply on someone comment. You said "We're going to offer rewards to anyone who shares the game on Facebook and Twitter as well, stay tuned!" I just want to know do you going only offer rewards people who Shared around on Facebook and Twitter because I shared on Deviant art: http://j-r-m-n-k-e.deviantart.com/journal/One-of-my-friend-and-inspiration-need-help-477953036 and also on Weasyl: https://www.weasyl.com/journal/61990/one-of-my-friend-and-inspiration-need-help . I don't use Facebook or Twitter much and I'm sure I don't even have accounts or lost my accounts on Facebook and Twitter. I really not sure.

The only problem is finding a way to track that information. Kickstarter has a nice way of tallying every person who shared via Facebook and Twitter. If we can do more than that, we're gonna try!

Put my Project nexus charater in the game

sweet, just donated $200. worth every cent

Did you pick up the designer pack? Can't wait to see what you decide to help design with us!

holy shit i hope you guys can get mindchamber to help work, that'd be kickass! all the best with the funding

He's a total Madness fan and has been for years, he even offered to work for free but we can't let him starve.

Hot dog, I'm honoured you put my animation in the kickstarter video :D

What can I say - it spoke to me :D

Hi... I just backed your project and I have a big question. I tried asking it before but I guess it just wasn't visible...
So I saw that if you back 10$ or more you get a copy of the game + Early Access to the Beta Version of the game. Now I'm a big fan of the madness series, and I totally want to share my gaming experience with the internetz(aka youtube). So the question is... Can I record myself while playing the beta version? Also is there anything to know about copyrighted music in the game? (google's content id system is pretty crappy in that sense)

I just found your question on Kickstarter, I'll repeat my answer here for anyone else who wants to know - we're totally cool with people recording gameplay footage. It's gonna get leaked anyway so we might as well support your right to share your gaming experience.

10% there in 24 hours! We are gonna SMASH that goal. :D

Oh man, we're not even at 24 hours yet and it's gotten even HIGHER. Everyone supporting this game is @%$(*@&^%@ AWESOME AND WE KNOW IT

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