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The-Swain's News

Posted by The-Swain - September 1st, 2014

Madness: Project Nexus 2 has completed its first week of Kickstarter, and we're over one third of the way to our goal. We're feeling great about our progress, and we can still use YOUR help if you haven't climbed on board the campaign train yet. Come check out the Kickstarter, and if you'd like to design your own boss characters, cheat codes, or in-game weapons, come check out all the badass rewards we're giving to our loyal backers <3

In main news, we're so close to hitting the top 50 on Steam Greenlight that we can TASTE IT. We've still got work to do and a little ways to go, and if Newgrounds can band together to support Madness like we know it can, we'd have the votes to hit #1 in absolutely no time at all.


If we hit #1, there is absolutely no way Valve can ignore the community's demand for this game. We're depending on you to bring this Newgrounds dream to life, and all it takes is a vote. Click here to help the game, free of charge!

Let's go all the way together. W...wait a minute...

Posted by The-Swain - August 24th, 2014


The Kickstarter campaign is on!

Newgrounds is the original home of Krinkels and myself. No matter where we go, we will always have fond memories of this place and do what we can to participate and help where needed.

Now we need YOU.

Visit the link below to check out our pitch, and tell us if this project appeals to you! On top of funding, we need to know the minds of fans of realtime battle games and Madness in general in order to make the perfect game that our cash goal promises.


Thanks for waiting us out, folks. We are ravenous to make this game.

[UPDATE] We're on Greenlight! Give us a vote if you think Project Nexus 2 deserves to reach a higher audience - every single vote is another that we need, and we need yours!

Posted by The-Swain - August 22nd, 2014

1340508_140873570382_CD6b.png What a way to finish off the weekend...!

Posted by The-Swain - August 20th, 2014

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! The fate of Nevada rests in YOUR hands.

Posted by The-Swain - August 19th, 2014

Who's your perfect team? Who has Hank been working for since the beginning of the series? Can Sanford and Deimos really be trusted? In five days, you can help us answer these questions.


Posted by The-Swain - August 18th, 2014


Posted by The-Swain - August 18th, 2014

1340508_140834051661_image.jpgIt's gonna be a wild ride!

Posted by The-Swain - July 25th, 2014

Trying to shed some light on our project with a new video. Hopefully this anwers a few questions about the game. Next stop, Kickstarter!

Check out all our game resources at www.projectnexus2.com, where we're including all videos to date, and a development forum so we can answer fans on a large-scale basis.

Oh, and don't forget to add us on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook, ya nancy goons :X

-Your dearest Swain

Posted by The-Swain - July 1st, 2014

Krinkels and I decided to finally sit down and figure out this whole "Social Media" malarchy that the kids keep raving about these days. We banged a hammer on a keyboard a couple of times 'til we got ourselves a Facebook page for Madness: Project Nexus 2.

We're really trying to push publicity for this game, and helping us to like this page and show your friends will go a long way toward making that possible. We crave the hook-throwing, grenade-blasting, run-n-gunning action of the Madness series as much as its loyal Newgrounds fans do, so that's why we're so eager to come to you guys for help.



Join the Madness, and help us reach every loyal fan!




(oh, and here's a link to the alpha demo video too, if you haven't caught it yet)



AAAANNND FINALLY, check out this game I art'ed! See? NOT DEAD YET.


Posted by The-Swain - June 20th, 2014

We told you we were working hard. DO YOU BELIEVE US NOW UHHHHHHHHHHH   


Project Nexus 2 is making strides. Do what you can to share this video and get word out about our production! We want to reach as many people as possible with our game - we're trying to include the fans as best we can in making the final game EXACTLY what everyone demands of it.