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The-Swain's News

Posted by The-Swain - June 20th, 2014

We told you we were working hard. DO YOU BELIEVE US NOW UHHHHHHHHHHH   


Project Nexus 2 is making strides. Do what you can to share this video and get word out about our production! We want to reach as many people as possible with our game - we're trying to include the fans as best we can in making the final game EXACTLY what everyone demands of it.  



Posted by The-Swain - June 18th, 2014

We've been busy.

By this weekend, Krinkels and I will be posting a link to the demo gameplay video here on Newgrounds, as well as on the Official Project Nexus Dev Blog. We want to share what all these months of labor have wrought. And when this puppy is finally finished, YOU WILL REAP IT.


Posted by The-Swain - February 5th, 2014

My, how far we've come.

Madness: Project Nexus 2. Welcome to our little world.

Demo video is coming soon, FOR REAL. What are YOU excited for in this, the game to end ALL games, hmmmMM?!


Posted by The-Swain - October 23rd, 2013

For those who haven't heard, Krinkels and I have teamed up yet again to bring you a Unity-driven sequel to our last big project, Madness: Project Nexus. Uh oh, he said "Unity" ! What does that mean for the game?

-Unity is a primarily 3D game engine. This means I've had to learn how to code Shaders to give this game a unique look, something to match the 2D style of the series but still help it to pop.

-Support for PC/Mac/Linux (hopefully up on Steam!), with possible future support for XBox and Playstation. Unity isn't just used to develop for web content.

-A bigger game! Flash cannot handle the product we are trying to make for you.

-Some pretty cool animation blending possibilities that couldn't be done in the last game.

We're hard at work in front of our respective rigs, and the style of the game is finally shaping up! Krinkels has been dropping new guns and level pieces on me while I continue to develop the engine.

Don't forget to watch our Dev Blog on Tumblrto see what frequent updates Krinkels and I have got for ya.

Below: Blood/Wound system taking shape at last.

Project Nexus 2 - Continued!

Posted by The-Swain - September 22nd, 2013

Flash could no longer handle the many, many updates we had planned for our little Flash project, Madness: Project Nexus. So we're making a new one in Unity instead, totally from scratch. And it's gonna be HUGE.

I've got TONS to say about this, but most of what we're doing will be posted on our new Nexus2 tumblr account. But for the time being, Matt and I are taking questions here and over on his userpage.

Project Nexus 2 Announcement

Posted by The-Swain - August 10th, 2013

What is it?

That's right. I'm not telling you anything.


STAY TUNED for Madness Day guys. Announcement pending.

Posted by The-Swain - September 26th, 2012

It's time to learn what this Nexus business is all about.

I HIGHLY recommend playing in another browser other than Chrome for the time being. I thought Chrome was deleting data, but it's not...you just can't see it when in Chrome. Your data should be perfectly intact once Google fixes their browser.. I wish I knew why, but this is out of my hands.

Anyway, good luck dying. This update is not for the weaker among you. Seriously, good luck! And thanks for being patient.

Madness: Project Nexus, Episode 1.5!

Posted by The-Swain - September 19th, 2012

A whole new episode, fully packed with content and contenton. Don't let the .5 fool you...on Madness Day, you will uncover the secrets of the origin on Project Nexus...

...as well as the origin of Nevada's greatest fighters.


-- UPDATE --
We're still working, hoping to get this out today. Flash provides us with plenty of opportunities to have to test our work, sometimes for reasons outside our control. BUT...game is done ;)

-- UPDATE 2 --
Still working...haven't slept ;) I am really excited to give this update to you. The new story levels really give you a LOT of Nevada backstory, more enemies, and more killin. IT WILL BE WORTH IT NOW HOLD YOUR HORSES

-- UPDATE 3 --
Flash is garbage. Our game is done. I want to give it to you. BUT Flash would rather keep swapping out the contents of our symbols and making us comb through all assets, again and again, trying to catch all the screw-ups. There's nothing you can do to prevent it. All you can do is spend hours and hours cleaning up after this shitty program.
ANYWAY, the game will come to you as soon as we can finish this tedium once and for all.

Oh, also, I hear people advising that Chrome might be what's causing save files to disappear. I would suggest giving Firefox a shot and seeing if it makes any difference. If it does, let me know! I'll make a bigger announcement about it.

Project Nexus: Ep 1.5 - Get ready for it!

Posted by The-Swain - August 6th, 2012

OMG I HAVE MY KRINKELS BACK, I swear to whatever god you wish that we are working on 1.5. Then it's onto 2.0, which will rock your house so hard that it will wake your parents up, and believe me you DON'T want them to catch you masturbating to all the new guns and Jesus powers. Yess goddammit, JESUS POWERS. Have you ever noticed that "goddammit" is not grammatically incorrect according to spell check?

Anyway see you babies soon. BTW blame Krinkels for the delay. THX it;s all his fault

Posted by The-Swain - June 21st, 2012

Oh man, we're exploring a whole new world of carnage. What will Episode 1.5 be? We'll be giving you a little playable Project Nexus backstory before the big Ep.2 release. Heralding 1.5 will be a bunch of new armor, guns, and...well, you get the idea. We love you, and we want you to have new toys.


Project Nexus: Next Update?