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A Project Nexus 2 Update!

2016-04-01 15:47:14 by The-Swain

I put together a big update about Madness: Project Nexus 2, found here, the game's Kickstarter page. Progress has been SUBSTANTIAL and we can't wait to share it with you!


Project Nexus 2 Updates?!

2016-03-11 13:58:34 by The-Swain

pew pew pew
— Krinkels (@MRKrinkels)
March 11, 2016

Hey guys! Coming out of my cave to link a twitter post from fellow game developer Krinkels on our Project Nexus 2 progress.


If anyone is wondering why it's taking so long, have a look at our 120+ skills you can purchase for your Arena character.


Happy Madness Day!

2015-09-22 12:48:46 by The-Swain

Happy Madness Day ya goons! 

Boy, do *I* feel like a scumbag for neglecting our Newgrounds friends and enemies. So long without posting, sheesh! I'm a social media cluts, and learning how to....what do they call it..."Tweet" my attentions to focus elsewhere.

To any of the old followers of my work, thanks for being there for me back in the day! And to those of you now following Madness: Project Nexus 2, thanks for supporting me and Matt's greatest endeavor to date. We've been at it for over a year now, and we're finally sailing into Alpha territory.


But I'm not here to sell M:PN2 today. Just to enjoy Madness Day, now that I get to be an official part of the series by building the game with Krinkels. I can't wait to see what PRIZES there are for the WINNERS...!


Keep on keepin' on,

-The Swain

Twitch Test - Come talk to Krinkels n Swain!

2015-01-17 13:11:38 by The-Swain

We're running a test Q&A session today, where folks can come in and ask us questions about Project Nexus 2.

Check out the twitch for the next hour, while we play with the system and play Chibi Knight:

After this test, we're gonna revisit this Q&A setup next week. Join in now if ya like, or see you next week for the proper session.

How time has flown. And with it, our expectations for what this community can do when they band together have been proven right.

Y'all totally came through for us. We knew you would, and here we are, at the finish line with a game ready to be made. Matt and myself, we are ravenous to get back to work. And it seems like it's actually gonna happen.

So now we come to the final hours. They're ticking down to Z-Day. If you haven't backed the project yet, here's your chance. Send your friends, who may have been holding off. Let the world know we're all counting on them.

Catch you guys in Nevada...maybe sooner than you think.


Project Nexus 2 - Last chance to grab Hank Skins :X

2014-09-16 18:56:50 by The-Swain

I don't think I've posted to the front page of Newgrounds THIS MUCH in my ENTIRE Flash career until this last month. It's been that kind of campaign.

Anyway, we're on the FINAL STRETCH of the Kickstarter campaign! This is the last week, and we need to end this bastard with a bang, in true Madness style. If you haven't seen the rewards we're offering, at least go grab your pre-order of the game. Every pre-order brings us closer to a completed Kickstarter and certain victory.


Today's also the last day to grab the exclusive Hank Winter Valentine outfit pack (resemblance to "Dad" spinoff character may or may not be a coincidence)! After midnight EST, this special outfit will go to our existing 800+ backers and never be unlocked again. EVER. FINITO. ALL GONE!





So many of you have jump up to help Project Nexus 2 become a real thing that it blows my mind. Whatever happens with this Kickstarter, we want to reward those who have helped us so far with some sweet Red + Black Jesus armor variants.

The only ones getting this unique outfit set are our current backers, and anyone who pre-orders from the Kickstarter before Friday comes to an end. To those of you already on board: you're already getting every Backer Reward Bonus we come up with before the end of the campaign, so just sit back, relax, and watch the goodies come flowing in.


In OTHER NEWS, we've launched our Thunderclap! This is neat new way for people to help us get the word out about Project Nexus 2. Three days before the end of the campaign, everyone on board will automatically post a link to the Kickstarter page automatically and EXPLODE the Madness name across the web. This is just the kind of mega push we need to get noticed right when it's most important. Click here to lend us your help!


Check out Krinkels' post. He's 'splains a good deal of why we need to make a big push, RIGHT NOW, TODAY, on our Project Nexus 2 Kickstarter campaign.

You can preorder your copy of Project Nexus 2 by backing the Kickstarter, and get alpha/beta/early access to the game. This is exclusive to backers only - everyone else will be waiting until mid 2015 to touch the game ;)

More than anything, the project needs your support! We're going strong, but we need the momentum that only fans of Krinkels' ass-kicking cartoon series can provide.



Madness: Project Nexus 2 gets Greenlit on Steam!

2014-09-04 11:12:56 by The-Swain


We did it! It took 10 days of voting and now we're COMING TO STEAM.

But we still have one big hurdle, and that's FUNDING OUR PROJECT OVER ON KICKSTARTER. This game will not be the beast we need it to be, with all the goals we need to achieve (including Multiplayer!!!)  unless you head over right now and give to the cause!

Now, nothing in this world is free, which is why we don't want handouts without giving you something worthy of your help!

  • The Game - At $15, you'll be preordering your copy of the FULL GAME, which includes...
  • Beta Access - Help us test all game features for MONTHS before the final game!
  • Early Access - You'll play the finished game with other backers before anyone else.
  • Rewards! - The higher the pledge, the better the s#$% you're gonna get. Whether it's your name appearing in the Random Name Generator in Arena Mode, or a hand-written Thank-You note from Krinkels and I, or getting to design game items and cheat codes.

Get over to the Kickstarter, and let's make this game happen. I ALREADY KNOW YOU WANT TO.



OH, and before I forget! Tomamoto is trying to help us promote Project Nexus 2, so if you'd kindly help us upvote our Reddit topic to help new people find the Kickstarter campaign, Krinkels and I would be super happy :X  Thanks again, friends!

Madness: Project Nexus 2 and Steam Greenlight!

2014-09-01 15:52:55 by The-Swain

Madness: Project Nexus 2 has completed its first week of Kickstarter, and we're over one third of the way to our goal. We're feeling great about our progress, and we can still use YOUR help if you haven't climbed on board the campaign train yet. Come check out the Kickstarter, and if you'd like to design your own boss characters, cheat codes, or in-game weapons, come check out all the badass rewards we're giving to our loyal backers <3

In main news, we're so close to hitting the top 50 on Steam Greenlight that we can TASTE IT. We've still got work to do and a little ways to go, and if Newgrounds can band together to support Madness like we know it can, we'd have the votes to hit #1 in absolutely no time at all.


If we hit #1, there is absolutely no way Valve can ignore the community's demand for this game. We're depending on you to bring this Newgrounds dream to life, and all it takes is a vote. Click here to help the game, free of charge!

Let's go all the way together. W...wait a minute...